It's the tenth Nestor Falls Musky Cup!

The 2021 Nestor Falls Musky Cup is scheduled for September 24th and 25th. The border is currently open and the Cup is on!

US fisherpeople-make sure you're ready to cross the border. Info here.

The 2020 Musky Cup is in the books and there are new names on the Cup!

Congratulations to Thatcher Haggberg and Dave Bonke!

Thatcher and Dave caught four fish for a total length of 174 inches to win the 2020 Nestor Falls Musky Cup.

Photo of winners

Damien Stang and Jenna Jarvis placed second catching four fish with a total of 166.5 inches. They also netted he big fish for the tournament, a 50" fish! They got the Chainsaw Prize!
Andrew Rideout and Zac Buwalda, the 2015 Cup winners, came in third catching four fish for a total of 163.5 inches.

All final results are posted here.

A big thanks goes out to : Don and Tammy at Nestor Falls Marine for giving out Stihl Chainsaws for our big fish prize.
The township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls for donating money!
Tinker’s Places for letting a bunch of musky nuts take over for a few days.
Bill at Falls Hardware for making the boat numbers so I can teach anglers that “Port side” means left.
Sara McBride for hosting and updating our website and the cool stickers!
Pete Corkey for being the photographer/blow horn.
Tackle companies Droptine Tackle, Northshore Tackle, Savage Gear, Muskie Munches, DL Lures and Musky Mayhem.
Tyler at for some tech advise and connecting musky anglers.
And lastly, all the musky fishermen for making this fun!

Some videos from the 2020 Cup are here. More videos and pictures to be posted soon.

What is the Musky Cup?

Lake of the Woods is one of North America’s top Musky fishing destinations. There are more 50-inch plus muskies residing in Lake of the Woods than anywhere else in the world. The Nestor Falls Musky Cup tournament was originated to bring together those fisherman who search the lakes for this magnificent fish to participate in one of the most challenging fishing tournaments. Held in the Canadian portion of Lake of the Woods, the Nestor Falls Musky Cup format is a two person team, fishing for 2 days, daily and total combined length, live release tournament. The tournament is limited to 40 boats. The inaugural event attracted 15 teams and has grown each year. The Muskellunge, or Musky as they are better known, is a large, relatively uncommon freshwater fish and is the largest member of the pike family. Muskies can live as long as 17 years without reaching 30 inches in length, but in an ideal habitat, a Musky can reach 30 inches in as little as four years. Females tend to be longer and heavier than males of the same age. Muskies can live to be as old as 30.

Most Musky fishermen know that one of the most important things they can do to ensure the well being of the Musky population is to practice Catch and Release and to handle them carefully. The Musky Cup organizers worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources when setting up this tournament to protect all Muskies caught. To document the length and live release of the Musky they catch, teams are required to shoot a video showing the measurement and then live release of the fish.